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The only one pushchair with a tilt-in-space system incorporated in the seatafter removing or transfering the seat, you don’t need to reposition the posture adjustment can be easily operated by one only hand, it is continuous without jerks   Features

  • 4 sizes in 2 seats
  • wide range of adjustments
  • lightweight and manageable
  • compact, its wheels do not protrude from the 4-wheel-base
  • safe and simple to custom personalize
  • designed both for the mother and for the child
  • cushion upholstered, breathable, ergonomic, fire retardant removable and attachable to the seat with studs,
  • resistant to wear and washing

  Rigid backrest, reclinable of 40° (fig. 2) and adjustable in height for 10 cm (size onetwo) and of 15 cm (size threefour). The hinge coincides with the child’s pelvis physiological fulcrum tilt-in-space seat, adjustable in width and depth of 10 cm. Reversible (size onetwo, base 869) headrest incorporated in the backrest your child’s head is always supported during the tilt adjustments of the seat and of the backrest, also without Tip-up footrest, flexion-extension adjustable, with legrest adjustable in height and tilt the hinge coincides with the child’s knee physiological fulcrum foldable frame, in alluminium push-handle adjustable in tilt . Adapts to the mother’s height and reduces the encumbrance of the pushchair outdoor bases with puncture proof wheels, light and easy to push on every surface indipendent drum brakes, directional locks and shock absorbers   WARNING:

  • fits the ISO 10542 compliant 4-POINT STRAP-TYPE TIEDOWN, provided bythe vehicle
  • it is required for the child to wear both pelvic- and shoulder-belt-type restraints, to be compliant either with ISO 7176-19 or ISO 10542
  • postural belts and harnesses such as our 828, 853, 894, 903, 906 are not approved for the use as an occupant restraint system
  • the vehicle must be suitable for transporting orthopedic pushchairs in compliance with current law
  • read the warnings and instructions given in the user’s & maintenance book and below on this website
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