The Power Chair Option


Adapt your home or consider using a power chair...?

Planning for the future is vitally important, particularly if you have a disability or have just been diagnosed with an illness such as Multiple Sclerosis or Motor Neurone Disease.  In these instances, your plans should take into account, not just your finances, but your mobility and comfort, specifically around your home and in your workplace. 

Probably one of the most important factors to your wellbeing is where you live and where you work.  You may have purchased your house before the on-set of any disability or illnesses and therefore your home is not adapted to suit.  Likewise, your place of work.  You may not want to move out of the home you love and have worked hard for.  Equally, you cannot easily change your workplace.

So what are your options?  What most people do is think about adapting their home.  But what about looking at specialist equipment that may help you avoid the need to spend a fortune making those types of changes.  You might want to consider a power chair….

Eurovema Flexmobil Forma Power ChairAdapting Your House…

This is normally the first option for consideration.  However, it involves a lot of disruption and can be costly.  If you don’t live in a bungalow, access to the first floor is important, after all why only live in half of your home?  Your choices here are either a stair lift or a through-floor lift to the first floor.  A through-floor lift will allow you access to the bedrooms whilst remaining seated in your wheelchair. A stair lift will require you to make a transfer both at the bottom and at the top.  A through-floor lift requires major alterations and is more expensive, whereas a stair lift installation is very straightforward and will cost a lot less.

Both your kitchen and bathroom will need to be adapted too; however, lower units may suit you but will not suit other members of the family so easily.  Plus, there is the cost impact of these alterations.  It all adds up. 

What if you want to sell up…?

Should I stay or should I go?

If you decide that you need or want to move, selling your adapted home can be difficult.  Your target market is significantly smaller.  You may have to take a hit on the asking price or alternatively, return the house to its pre-adapted state.  Either way, you lose out financially…..

Flexmobil Forma Power Chair by EurovemaThe Power Chair alternative…

An alternative option does exist however.  Don’t change your home, change the way you move around your home.   This will involve a lot less disruption and cost!  Consider an indoor power chair with seat rising unit.

Flexmobil Forma by Eurovema is a power wheelchair for indoor use. This type of power wheelchair is stable, easy to drive and comfortable thanks to the driving wheels placement under the seat in the centre of the chassis.  This makes it possible to rotate the wheelchair around its own centre, hence a tight turning circle.  The rising seat will allow access to your entire home and workplace, including the cupboards and units that are higher up, without the need for costly adaptations.  

In addition, indoor power chairs such as the Eurovema Flexmobil will fit easily onto through-floor lifts, allowing you access to the upper floor of your home and workplace without the need for transfers.

No part of your home or workplace is off-limits to you.

By using power chairs such at the Eurovema Flexmobil you will be safely mobile around your home and workplace with the added benefit of not having to substantially adapt your home at a cost to yourself that you are unlikely to recoup should you want to sell up in the future.

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